Friday, August 8, 2008

Mitch McConnell engages in gay trysts on capital hill

Okay, this may not be true, but hey, maybe Bruce Lunsford should just put out a campaign commercial saying it. Because Mitch McConnell, a longtime hater of the truth, decided to put out a commercial against Bruce Lunsford full of bold lies.

Read more here.

So if I'm Bruce Lunsford, the gloves are off. Show Mitch photoshopped with Michael Jackson and little kids. Show him shooting heroin in a DC slum. Show him walking out of an adult theater with PeeWee Herman. Show him yelling at Alec Baldwin's daughter and then beating a puppy to death and eating it. It doesn't matter. Because when Mitch McConnell campaigns, the truth doesn't matter.

Heck, when Mitch McConnell votes, talks, or answers questions, the truth doesn't matter.

Disclaimer: To my knowledge, none of the inflammatory statements above (except Mitch not telling the truth) are true. But you still shouldn't vote for him.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mitch McConnell Hates Coal Miners -- Coal Miners Die

Remember Bob Murray? He's the owner of Murray Energy, who partly owned the Crandall County Mine in Utah, where poor safety practices helped contribute to the deaths of nine people. He's the guy who blamed the mine for the deaths, and not his shoddy business practices.

Well, he's Mitch McConnell's friend. Why? Because Mitch likes to help coal company owners get buy with lax safety.

See, there is a person named Richard Stickler who helped oversee the investigation into the Crandall County Mine disaster. Mr. Stickler was a former coal executive who had some safety issues in his own past. He was twice rejected for his job as "Mine Safety Czar" by Congress, but appointed via a recess appointment by George W. Bush.

Who was Stickler's boss? Mrs. Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao.

But back to Murray. Seems that he's very close to Mitch. Really close. In fact, read more about it here.

So think about it. Nine people dead inside an unsafe mine. A buddy/buddy relationship between the mine's part owner and Mitch McConnell. Does Mitch care about the working man? Hell no. In fact, he could care less if you die.

Mitch McConnell hates sick and injured kids.

Here you go! Mitch McConnell wants to smear a 12 year old for daring to want access to health care. This evil beast of a senator called Mitch McConnell hates kids, especially ones from families too poor to donate to his campaign.

In case you want some proof that he is evil and is a lying sack of monkey excrement.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mitch McConnell does love some people -- Those with open checkbooks


Fat Cat Favors: With Mitch, you apparently get what you pay for. Lobbyists and special interest groups always have a friend in Mitch who, along with his wife, returns the favor to powerful business supporters.

  • Gordon Hunter Bates, Mitch’s former staffer turned lobbyist, has repeatedly received earmarks and valuable goodies from Mitch for his clients. For example, Mitch secured nearly $45 million in federal funds benefiting four of Bates’ clients, the same folks who gave about $120,000 to Mitch in campaign contributions.
  • The Food Marketing Institute, an interest group representing grocery stores among other groups, rewarded Mitch with $13,000 in campaign contributions while he and Elaine tag-teamed on dismantling the Clinton-era ergonomics safety rules, replacing them with “voluntary guidelines.”
  • The mining industry has given $375,000 to Mitch’s Senate campaigns, including $200,000 from big coal since Elaine became Secretary of Labor. In fact, Mitch received $17,000 from a company whose executives were appointed by Elaine to serve in prominent posts at the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Mrs Mitch McConnell thinks things are going great with the economy!

Sucking on the George W. Bush bong for his entire Presidency must have killed what few brain cells Elaine Chao had left as she towed the company line that the economy is having a slight little problem, but looking ever upward.

Of course, this is easy when you and your husband have lots of money and lots of high level connections to big business.

And hey, everyone knows that Mitch and Elaine hate Kentucky and hate its workers.

Mrs. Mitch McConnell Hates American Workers

Elaine Chao is George W. Bush's longest serving cabinet member (wonder how she got that job) and as secretary of labor, her job Government oversight of work related issues such as unions and the workplace, which means we're all lucky that we get 30 minutes for lunch.

Elaine would like to see all of our employers have a little more freedom to expose us to poisons. Guess that money from big corporations to the Republican coffers has got Ms. Elaine doing their bidding as well.

See the actions she's trying to push through under cover of darkness here.

The Wonkette has posted some random gossip about Mrs. Mitch McConnell misusing money, being a diva, and being stupid.

Mitch McConnell Has Help Hating Employees -- Part 2 is running a campaign trashing unions and Bruce Lunsford for supporting them.

Wow, an anti-union group trashes the opponent of one of big business' biggest friends, Mitch McConnell, who never met an American worker he liked.

Ignore this smokescreen for what it is, a scare tactic to convince you unions are bad. These days, they're the only protection some people have.