Monday, August 4, 2008

Mitch McConnell is a misogynist, thin skinned politician who gets people who cross him fired.

Rumors have abounded about Mitch McConnell's lack of regard for women,

Just read what he did to Heather Ryan, who is now running for a house seat:

While Executive Director of a small non-profit movie theater, and the sole financial
provider for our family of four, I had an encounter with Senator Mitch McConnell where I
attempted to ask him a question about the War in Iraq. Senator McConnell ignored my
question and slipped into his waiting SUV without incident. The following day I was
warned that the Senior Republican Senator had instructed his staff to call community
professionals and non-profit organizations and threaten funding for Paducah River
Front projects if I was not fired from my position. Within a week, I was without a job
because a corrupt politician had thin skin and used his influence to hold the city of
Paducah hostage, subsequently forcing them to render a constituent jobless.

I was very fortunate throughout the ordeal with the Senator to host a wonderful band
of supporters who also believe in the First Amendment. They saw that I was not afraid
to ask a corrupt senator a blunt question about an unpopular, unplanned and unending

Newly jobless, and without any prospects in the economically distressed Jackson
Purchase area, my friends and family encouraged me to run in the uncontested race
against "Exxon Eddie" Whitfield; the very race in which I was the campaign manager for
Eric Streit during the Primary Election two years previously. It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to realize that "Special Interest Ed" is part of the problem in the "Culture of
Corruption" the Republicans have created in Washington, D.C. Power and Money are
their only concerns, NOT the worries of their constituents, which was plainly evidenced
by my treatment and by the treatment of the people of KY-01. So, I entered this race
with the goal of returning the First Congressional District to a Representative Of, For
and By the people - the way our Founding Fathers intended.

You can watch her story here:

Why is Mitch such a wuss? Afraid of a woman and a little girl.

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