Friday, August 8, 2008

Mitch McConnell engages in gay trysts on capital hill

Okay, this may not be true, but hey, maybe Bruce Lunsford should just put out a campaign commercial saying it. Because Mitch McConnell, a longtime hater of the truth, decided to put out a commercial against Bruce Lunsford full of bold lies.

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So if I'm Bruce Lunsford, the gloves are off. Show Mitch photoshopped with Michael Jackson and little kids. Show him shooting heroin in a DC slum. Show him walking out of an adult theater with PeeWee Herman. Show him yelling at Alec Baldwin's daughter and then beating a puppy to death and eating it. It doesn't matter. Because when Mitch McConnell campaigns, the truth doesn't matter.

Heck, when Mitch McConnell votes, talks, or answers questions, the truth doesn't matter.

Disclaimer: To my knowledge, none of the inflammatory statements above (except Mitch not telling the truth) are true. But you still shouldn't vote for him.

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